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Today I’m sharing an unbiased review of Pair Eyewear interchangeable magnetic eyeglass frames – an affordable way to change the look of your glasses by snapping on different color frame toppers.

I’m a girl who loves her glasses. After years of struggling with contacts because of my allergies, getting Lasik surgery in my 30’s, I’ve come to embrace cute glasses as part of my everyday look.

But damn, glasses are expensive. And I like to have a couple of pairs to choose from. Plus I like having prescription sunglasses so I can sit outside and read. So when I heard about Pair Eyewear’s interchangeable magnetic frames, I couldn’t wait to check them out.

Pair Eyewear makes eyeglass frames for children and adults. Honestly, most of their frames are made for kids, but they have two frame styles that are adult sized.

An unbiased review of Pair Eyewear interchangeable magnetic eyeglass frames - an affordable way to change the look of your glasses. Use my discount code for $30 off. |
These are the two eyeglass frame styles made for adults. I ordered the smaller of the two options – The Twain.

First you choose a “base” frame and then you can purchase a variety of magnetic frame toppers that snap on to change the frame color, or turn them into sunglasses.

The best part? They’re really inexpensive. The base frame styles start at $60 including single-vision lenses or $260 for progressive lenses. The frame toppers are $25- $30 each (with even better pricing available if you purchase a bundle.) They have free shipping and returns and a 30-day risk-free trial period.

And, for ever pair of glasses purchased, Pair Eyewear partners with The Eyelliance to provide a free pair of glasses to a child in the developing world.

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My First Pair Eyewear Purchase

I ordered the Twain frame in tortoise ($60) with clear glass – because I am having my local optometrist order my progressive lenses. I also ordered the black sun topper and the unicorn marble topper – ALL FOR LESS THAN $100.

This is the basic Twain frame in tortoise

Here is the Twain frame with the Unicorn Marble topper
Here is the Twain frame with the black sun topper

The frames arrived quickly in a cute case that also has a compartment to hold up to two toppers. The base frames are plastic and are decent quality but certainly not fancy.

Why I Didn’t Purchase My Lenses From Pair

I chose to purchase my eyeglass frames from Pair and have my optometrist order my progressive lenses. Because of my previous Lasik surgery, my prescription is moderate. I have a slight astigmatism and I need magnification for reading and computer work. I don’t need glasses to drive or watch TV.

Over the years, I’ve tried to save money on my progressive lenses by purchasing “discount” lenses from Warby Parker and also from WalMart Optical. Both times I spent close to $300 on the “discount” lenses and was unhappy with the quality of the prescription. (I had a very similar experience to the one that Gabe Zicherman describes in this article.)

This time, for just a little bit more money, I’m choosing to work with my local eye doctor to ensure that my lenses are fitted exactly to the measurements of my eyes. I sit in front of a computer all day so I want to feel confident that my glasses won’t give me a headache and I know that my eye doctor will work with me to ensure that I’m fully satisfied.

Pair Eyewear $30 Discount for Grownup Dish Readers

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Every week I try a new product and post a (brutally honest) review. This is not an ad. I’ve received no compensation for this post. Check out all of my other review posts HERE.



  • Alicia Burns says:

    So for the Pair Eyewear, would you recommend or hard pass? I too need glasses and contacts are a no go as allergies prevent them from being in my eyes for more than two minutes. I see how fun Pair are and would like to try and have my optometrist add the lenses. I haven’t been able to find honest reviews and would like your opinion on them. Thanks!

    • jzmcbride says:

      I bought the frames and had the lenses done locally. I’ve been wearing them for about a month and I’m very happy with them. They’re definitely a lower quality frame than one that costs hundreds of dollars, but they’re completely functional and comfortable. And I really like swapping out the frame toppers. Keep an eye on my social media feed because I just ordered a few more toppers and I’ll post photos when they arrive.

  • Dee says:

    Thank you for this helpful review! Can any optometrist get lenses for any frame? And how does your order work on the pair website; do you order non-prescription lenses initially? I have always worn glasses but never knew ordering lenses and frames separately was an option. That would be especially helpful considering I have a unique and high prescription.

    • jzmcbride says:

      You can either send your prescription to Pair and they will make the lenses (single vision $60). Or you can purchase the frames w/clear glass and take them to your local optometrist and have the lenses made locally. That’s what I did. That way I had a local contact to ensure that my prescription was perfect. I’ve been wearing the frames for about a month now and I’m happy with them.

  • Karin says:

    Are they heavy?

    • jzmcbride says:

      No, not any heavier than traditional glasses. The frame toppers are very, very light. They do not increase the weight on your face.

  • Logan says:

    I was wondering. If their processing and shipping speed is decent? I love the idea of being able to change toppers but I don’t want to wait forever for new glasses.

  • Melissa says:

    Can insurance be used towards purchase?

  • April White says:

    Should you use this frame with bi focals?

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