Grownups Guide To Cooking With CBD

With the rise of CBD products, more and more users are consuming CBD in different ways, including in their food. If you’re interested in mixing up your favorite recipes by cooking with CBD, check out our guide to what foods pair well with CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil?

Before we get into all the things you can make with CBD oil, let’s go over CBD oil and how it’s made. CBD oil is made through extraction, where chemists separate the cannabinoid (CBD) components from the original plant material.

CBD oil offers numerous scientifically backed benefits to users, including pain relief, alleviation of anxiety and depression, and relaxation. CBD oil is not a psychoactive drug like cannabis, and it doesn’t impair motor functions such as driving. 

Foods You Can Cook With CBD Oil

You can cook various foods, from appetizers to entrées to desserts, with CBD oil,. Here are some popular foods that many users have been cooking with CBD oil.

Salad Dressings

One of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD oil into a recipe is by mixing it with other oils, and we all know that salad dressing contains oil. You can even make CBD-infused ranch dressing at home. The next time you’re putting together a salad for lunch or as a prelude to dinner, add a touch of CBD oil to the dressing to make it even better.


Who doesn’t love guacamole? Now you can make your homemade recipe even better with some CBD oil. CBD oil mixes best with foods that contain fats and oils, and avocados are full of the good kinds of fats, so they’re perfect to pair CBD oil in guacamole.


We mentioned that CBD oil mixes best with oily and fatty foods, and seafood is full of the nutritional fats and acids you want. When you’re cooking CBD oil, though, you don’t want to overheat it, as doing so can stifle its potency. Mix the oil with a sauce or glaze that goes over the fish for best results. 


CBD oil also mixes well with most sauces, and what’s better than a big bowl of pasta with sauce? Pesto is a popular recipe for many CBD oil–users, as its flavors pair well with CBD’s earthy taste. You also don’t have to heat pesto that much and risk dampening the CBD oil’s potency.

Baked Desserts

End the night with a brownie, cookie, or other baked goods made with CBD oil. Practically any baked good can incorporate CBD oil into its recipe, but you want to keep the baking temperature at 350 degrees or below for best results.

Now that you know what foods go well with CBD oil, which will you make first? Be cautious the first time you use it until you get a feeling for its flavor profile and potency.


If you’re looking to try cooking with CBD oil, we break down some of the foods that pair best with CBD oil and how to get great results. |

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