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Discounts and special offers from my favorite brands including BeautyCounter, Branch Basics, Powerizer, MeUndies, Happy Givers & more. |

I only work with brands that I truly love, respect, and willingly spend my own money on. Here is a list of discounts and special offers for Grownup Dish readers.


BeautyCounter holiday products 2020

Shop BeautyCounter

You’ve been hearing me talk about BeautyCounter for several years now. After being a customer and totally falling in love with their products, I decided to become a consultant because I support their mission to get cleaner products in everyone’s hands. First of all I love that Beautycounter’s products are high performing. They’re comparable or better to the priciest department store brands. I also love that they are safer and rigorously tested for toxins and heavy metals. BeautyCounter bans over 1,800 ingredients that are known to be harmful, many of which are banned in other countries.

There is also a great return policy which I love since shopping online can be challenging, especially for skincare and makeup. There are free returns and a 60-day no questions asked return policy giving you ample time to try products.

If you have questions or need help ordering, please email me at


An unbiased review of Pair Eyewear interchangeable magnetic eyeglass frames - an affordable way to change the look of your glasses. Use my discount code for $30 off. |

Shop Pair Eyewear

Current Offer: Get $20 off your first order of $60 when you order using this link!

Read my full Pair Eyewear review HERE.


Shop Amp Human Vitamin D Lotion

Current Offer: Use my referral link to get 20% off all products.

Read my full review HERE.


Shop MeUndies

Current Offer:  Use my referral link for 20% off your first order (excluding packs):

Read my full MeUndies review HERE.


An unbiased review of Branch Basics cleaning products. Use the non-toxic concentrate as laundry detergent, hand soap or spray cleaner. And, it really works! |

Current Offer: Get $10 off when you order through THIS LINK

My favorite non-toxic cleaning products. I love that one bottle of the concentrate can be used as spray cleaner, glass cleaner, hand soap, laundry detergent, and more.

Read my full Branch Basics review HERE.


Grownup Dish review of Blender Bombs smoothie booster, a super-convenient, plant-based way to add a BIG nutrition boost to your smoothies. |

Current Offer: Save 20% on your Blender Bombs order when you use code GROWNUPDISH

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Honey discount code link

If you’re not using Honey when you shop online you are missing out. Honey is a FREE (totally free, no hidden fees) browser extension that unlocks the internet’s best deals. One click and Honey automatically finds, tests, and applies the best coupon code at checkout on 40,000+ popular sites. Honey even finds better prices on Amazon. It saves me money allllll the time.

And they also have a rewards program called Honey Gold, where you can earn rewards just for shopping (even if there isn’t a deal). 

I love getting a deal and HONEY has already saved me hundreds of dollars. Check it out using the link below.


The Happy Givers Discount Code & Special Offer

This is one of my favorite companies for apparel and gifts. I love their messaging and I love that they donate their profits to a number of charities in the USA, Puerto Rico, Japan and Peru.

I wear and gift their products all the time!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m always looking for cleaner, greener alternatives. But I also need products that WORK. And I love a product that can be used for more than one thing.

POWERIZER is a multipurpose cleaner that was invented by Max Appel (who previously developed OxiClean). It’s non-toxic, biodegradable and pet-safe formula can clean everything dirty in your home: laundry, dishes, tile, carpet stains, and more. You either mix the concentrated powder with water to make a cleaning solution, or use the powder directly (as laundry detergent or in your dishwasher).

I’ve been using it for about a month and so far I’ve seen that:
• It’s a great clothing stain remover. I had so many cooking spots on my t-shirts and I was finally able to get them CLEAN
• I was finally able to get a few stubborn pet stains out of our brand-new carpet
• It’s super-duper concentrated. I use ¼ – ½ a scoop in a load of laundry.
• It has a very subtle fresh scent but it’s not perfume-y

From now until Nov. 30th, GrownupDish followers can enter GROWNUP10 to save 10% on your order. Limit one per customer.

NOTE: You must order from in order to use the discount code. The code won’t work on Amazon orders.


Discounts and special offers from my favorite brands including BeautyCounter, Branch Basics, Powerizer, MeUndies, Happy Givers & more. |

I am affiliated with some of these brands.  When you shop using my links & codes, I make a small commission.  It doesn’t add any extra cost to your order, but it helps support my blog and allows me to continue offering free content!  Thank you so much for your ongoing support, it means more than you know!  xo

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