Delicious No-Salt Ways To Add Flavor to Meals

When we think about cutting salt out of our meals, we immediately think we’re sacrificing flavor. But that isn’t the case with some of these alternatives. There are various delicious no-salt ways to add flavor to ordinary meals that many of us can do by simply rummaging through our spice cabinets and pantries. Let’s look at a few!

Herbs and More Herbs

In addition to the abundance of nutritional benefits of fresh herbs, they bring a lot of fresh, natural flavor notes out of ordinary foods. Plus, adding fresh herbs to meals is easy—just give them a fine chop and sprinkle them on your dishes. The best to have around include basil, thyme, rosemary, and cilantro. And you can grow them yourself in a Lettuce Grow Farmstand.

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Spices and Sauces

A relatively simple yet highly effective method of adding flavor is through spices and sauces. Spices such as chili powder, allspice, and cinnamon make for excellent add-ins and pull a lot of depth through ordinary foods such as chicken or beef. Some of my favorite sources for spices are Balanced Bites, Penzeys, and my go-to is this M-Salt blend that I buy from Amazon. I use it on everything!

Some people want to add flavor as well as texture. Consider adding a nut salsa to provide texture, depth, and rich, molten flavors. This goes well in stews and also works as a marinade or topping.

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For a more unique but delicious no-salt way to add flavor to ordinary meals, think about acids. The thought of adding anything complex to a dish intimidates many home chefs, but when you do it right, the robust flavors will really shine. Items such as limes, lemons, and other citrus fruits play significant roles in healthy cooking, and these work exceptionally well in dressings, veggies, and fresh summer pasta salads.

Don’t hesitate to skip the salt—try your hand at some lemon juice or a quality salsa. It’s important to remember that salt is fine in moderation, but skipping out is an opportunity to bring a new taste to your kitchen and to try something new.


There are so many delicious no-salt ways to add flavor to ordinary meals that we often have access to without realizing it. Here are a few worth trying. |

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