• Kenya Travel Guide For Grownups
    If you’re looking to experience the true essence of Africa, Kenya is the perfect place to have amazing animal encounters, immerse yourself in local culture and marvel at the stunning scenery. In this Kenya Travel Guide for Grownups, I’m sharing a recap of our February 2022 (far-too-short) week in Kenya including travel
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  • Grownups Guide To Essential Kitchen Appliances
    You have many items on your list to add to the kitchen, and you might not know where to get started. As you begin planning a remodel, try to work in these essential kitchen appliances that everyone needs into your own space. Choosing The Optimal Range Hood When it comes to having the right equipment in the kitchen, you need something
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  • 7 Best Packing Tips For Grownups
    Packing for travel is one of my superpowers. I hate checking my luggage and I love trying to figure out how to pare down and still look cute with a minimal amount of gear. Here are my 7 best packing tips for grownups. Figure out your shoes first. Try to limit yourself to 3 pairs. That usually means a pair of comfy sandals, a pair of
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  • The Best Tips and Tricks To Style Thin Hair
    I’m a girl with thin curly hair that tends to frizz. And the struggle is real. But over the years I’ve figured out how to work with my “difficult hair” and today I’m sharing the best tips and tricks to style thin hair along with links to some of my favorite haircare products. Select the Right Shampoo and
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  • 5-Minute Makeup For Grownups
    Here’s my 5-minute morning skincare and makeup for grownups featuring my favorite BeautyCounter products. Because I do my skincare routine at night, all I do in the morning is splash some water on my face and then I use the following products. It truly takes me less than five minutes to get ready to walk out the door. 1️⃣ All Bright
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  • Review – Bark Bright Dental Care For Dogs
    Do you know that you’re supposed to brush your dog’s teeth? Nobody wants to do that! I recently discovered Bark Bright, the first and only daily dual toothpaste and dental stick system to keep dogs’ funky breath and plaque buildup under control. The best part? Your dog does ALL the work. Each kit includes a month’s supply of tasty
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  • Can Music Impact Your Quality Of Sleep?
    A toddler wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming that they had a nightmare. Their mother tries to convince them to go back to sleep. But the toddler refuses, petrified the boogeyman will get them the second they close their eyes. So, the mother gently sings her child a lullaby until they drop back to dreamland. In those
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