• Best Farmers Markets Worth Visiting in the USA
    Few things make me happier than heading to the farmers market. You never know what you’ll find, and you never leave disappointed. The local vendors, connections, and selections always amaze me, and I love meeting the growers and filling my kitchen and home with handpicked local produce and flowers. I’ve visited farmers markets
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  • Easy Ways To Add More Fruits & Veggies To Your Diet
    Nutrition is a crucial part of living a healthy and positive life, but getting all your essential nutrients daily isn’t always easy. If you’re in a hurry or have a lot on your schedule, grabbing the first snack you see is often easier than cultivating an intricate diet for yourself. Interestingly, fruits and vegetables harbor the
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  • Hidden Dangers of Older Home Appliances
    Upgrading a home doesn’t only apply to the exterior. Finishing a basement, adding an additional room, remodeling the kitchen, or knocking down a wall to expand a space are great improvements, but they don’t complete the overall look. Homeowners should also consider swapping out household appliances, especially because those changes
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  • February 2023 Grownup Dish Newsletter
    In the February 2023 Grownup Dish newsletter I’m sharing my love of Valentine’s Day (including my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide), a decadent healthy-ish chocolate treat, upcoming events, things I’m digging and midlife musings. READ THE NEWSLETTER Have You Seen My Latest Videos? Click the links below –  It really helps
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  • The Importance of Silicone in the Kitchen
    I enjoy browsing for different utensils and tools for my kitchen, but replacing them when they break or wear down is annoying. I like my cookware to withstand all culinary trials, which is why silicone products are important for the kitchen. I think you’ll have an easier time cooking when you use them as well! Common Issues in the
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  • Create Healthy Meals Without Breaking Your Budget
    Inflation hit everyone hard in 2022. It seemed like the price of everything went up, but prices for fresh food were especially high. What should we do if we’re devoted to eating healthy food, but our wallets have us cutting portions and reaching for processed foods? Here are some ways to create healthy meals without breaking your
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  • Grownup Dish January 2023 Newsletter
    In the January 2023 Grownup Dish newsletter I’m sharing brand new winter comfort foods, things I’m digging, a Starbucks copycat recipe and lots of midlife musings. READ THE NEWSLETTER Have You Seen My Latest Videos? Click the links below –  It really helps me out when you like and comment. #TrieditTuesday Small
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