• Easy Nutty Paleo Granola
    This quick, easy granola recipe is so flexible and forgiving that once you’ve made it once, you’ll never need to look at the recipe again. Try it for breakfast with Greek yogurt and fruit. Sprinkle it on ice cream. Or tuck it in your pocket for a snack. Trust me, you’ll be tempted to eat it warm, straight out of the oven.
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  • Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in Sweet and Sour Sauce
    What could be better than mouthwatering rolls of ground beef, mushrooms, rice and spices tucked into pillowy cabbages and coated in a luscious sweet and sour sauce? I've updated this a favorite from my childhood and given you options to make it Paleo or Whole30 compliant. Regardless of how you make it, it's sure to please.
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