• September 2022 Grownup Dish Newsletter
    The September 2022 Grownup Dish newsletter features fall comfort food, decluttering tips, a fresh helping of midlife musings and lots of things I’ve been digging. Also, I did my first Instagram Live as part of Michele Sammons’ Bright Side interview series. You can watch it HERE. Have You Seen My Latest Videos? Click the
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  • August 2022 Grownup Dish Newsletter
    The August 2022 Grownup Dish newsletter features end-of-summer recipes, a sneak peek at our recent feature in a local Denver magazine, and an updated list of things I’ve been digging. Have You Seen My Latest Videos? Click the links below –  It really helps me out when you like and comment. Is It Possible To Have Too
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  • Grownup Dish Featured in West Highland Living
    Meet Mr. and Mrs. August (and their little dog too!) Andy Warhol once said that everyone is famous for fifteen minutes. In this case, we’re temporarily famous in our West Highland neighborhood. The hubby and I (and #ruththecavapoo) were thrilled to be featured on the cover of West Highland Living, our neighborhood magazine
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  • Foods That Help Grownups Build Muscle
    Food is essential for optimal health, growth, and mental acuity, and certain ingredients and combinations of foods affect the body differently. Milk will help with bone strength, spinach will give you plenty of iron, but if you want to build muscle, you’ll need to delve into the top sources of protein. These sources of high-quality
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  • Grownups Guide To Tender Pork Chops
    Growing up, I wasn’t a fan of pork chops. To me, they tasted and felt like shoe leather. I was very surprised to learn as an adult that pork chops can actually be quite tender and juicy, if you know what you’re doing. Here are my tips and tricks for keeping pork chops tender. Know Your Cuts Pork chops can vary widely in
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  • Grownups Guide to Spicy Food Myths
    Many people can’t resist the heat of a savory meal packed with fresh peppers and spicy sauces. All deliciousness aside, there are some common misunderstandings and myths floating around about the effects of spicy foods. Some say your metabolism will speed up, while others say you’ll fry your tastebuds. Let’s take a look at some
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