Peachy Keen: Creative Ways To Add More Fruit to Your Diet

You need to include all food groups in your diet to stay healthy, including fruits, which offer many health benefits. They contain loads of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber that we all need in our daily lives. While we tend to combine other food groups, we usually eat fruit independently. With these creative ways to add more fruit to your diet,you can guarantee to get enough every single day!

Make A Smoothie

Starting my day with a smoothie that’s full of protein, fat and fiber has been a game changer for me. I always include 1/4 cup of fruit. You can search the site for smoothie recipes or check out my smoothie roundup post for links to all of my favorite smoothie combos.

Fab Four Smoothie Recipe Roundup - a summary of my favorite #fab4smoothies inspired by Kelly Leveque's Fab Four formula of protein, fiber, healthy fats and greens |

Grill It Up

I love the taste of watermelon, pineapple, and peaches on the grill, and they make a great addition to your spring barbecue menu. I love this fruit salsa, summer peach and corn salad and a peach and tomato caprese. The added smoky flavor creates a unique taste that nothing else can top! Meat isn’t the only thing that tastes better grilled.

After tasting grilled fruit, you might want to start growing your own fruit trees. Peaches are especially tasty when grilled, but be sure to research peach tree pruning tips and other ways to care for your new addition before you get in too deep.

Top Off Your Water

The best way to stay hydrated and consume more fruit is to top off your water with berries, lemons, and limes. Adding fruit to your water is a surefire way to get more vitamins and antioxidants, and it’ll lead you to drink more water because it tastes delicious! You can also freeze cubed melons to make unique ice cubes that stay cold longer.

Give Fruit Salsa a Go

Although we generally load our salsa full of vegetables, I like to add fruit for a sweet and tangy flavor that everybody loves! Mangos, strawberries, peaches and pineapples are the perfect options to create an authentic salsa that nobody can resist.

This sweet and savory Whole-30 3-ingredient fruit salsa elevates a simple grilled protein (chicken, fish, pork, steak), makes a great topping for tacos and burritos and is a delicious appetizer when served with chips. |

Just Add Fruit

As you can see, you can add fruit to almost any dish to quickly increase your fruit intake. I prefer fruit with breakfast, so combining blueberries or strawberries with my pancake batter or morning yogurt or cottage cheese is my go-to. After reading through these creative ways to add more fruit to your diet,I’m sure you’ll come up with even more unique ways to incorporate fruit into your daily routine.


Most people don’t eat enough fruit every day, but adding more fruit to your diet doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Choose a new fruit for every meal! |

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